We Strive Keep Our Member And Staff Safe

Air filters that remove small particles are effective at removing contaminants from the air.

In an effort to keep our members safe we received a donation for two air purifiers. These are hospital grade units that are currently used in both  the Hilton Head and Coastal Carolina hospitals.

These, along with many others in use, are a huge improvement to our facility. They are currently being used as air filtration systems to fight against all viruses (including Covid-19). These machines are made by Scientific Air Management Systems Inc. out of South Florida. It is our pleasure to have them working in our indoor facilities.

Although COVID-19 is not easily transferable on its own, but it attaches itself to mucus, droplets or dust within the environment to be spread through contact with another individual. A filter does not kill the COVID-19 virus directly, but it removes the elements that can transport the virus. The virus is then trapped in the filter and killed by UV lights. Our filters are cleaned or replaced on a regular basis, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

By increasing the ventilation of our space (which also improves the quality of the air) we are providing another layer of protection from Covid.

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