How do we pay for services?

PEP accepts Medicaid Waivers from Members. Over 70% of PEP Members are receiving their services through Medicaid Waivers. We are aware that there can be a delay in Medicaid Waivers, and for this reason, we also offer a private pay option for those in need.

Does my child get paid?

There is an option for your child to be paid while working at PEP, either in one of our enclaves or one of our micro-businesses. Several of our enclaves provide minimum wage work for our members and they get paid bi-weekly just as the staff does. Payday is one of our most exciting days of the week.

Do you provide transportation?

Transportation can be provided by PEP staff. We currently have a fleet of 8 vehicles to provide transportation for Members.

What training is provided for staff?

Our staff receives extensive training from the Beaufort County Department of Disabilities and Special Needs, as well as additional training at PEP.

Do members receive one-on-one training?

Members are in groups with a maximum ratio of 1 staff per 7 members. Staff members take time to help each Member with tasks as needed. Members are not left without assistance and will be provided continuous training throughout their day program.

Is the program goal oriented?

Every member at PEP has a Plan of Service (POS). This Plan of Service will provide teaching methods to address the individual needs of the Member, with and tasks for the Member to complete. Once the criteria for success is met, a new goal will be implemented.

Is acceptance into your day program guaranteed?

As a private organization, we have the right to refuse services based on unmet criteria.

Is lunch provided?

Lunch is not provided.  But Members are allowed to bring sack lunches and microwaveable items for lunch. They will be assisted when using microwaves or ovens as needed.

Is there time set aside during the day for socialization among members?

Our staff provides a daily morning warm up with all Members that includes blood pumping movements and “PEP talk” discussions. Lunchtime is also a great time for members to engage in conversation with their peers. This has been known to lead to singing, dancing, and a really good time!

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